Gavia and Stelvio   
Distance:42.1 mi
Elevation gain:9.872ft
Elevation loss:5.026ft
Maximum altitude:9,029 ft
Minimum altitude:3,927ft
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miPoint of interest
0.1Very nice town perfect as basecamp for climbing legendary summits: the beginning of Gavia and Tonale just here, 20km Mortirolo and Aprica, 30km Vivione… only stelvio from Prato is a little far from Ponte di Legno.
1.0P. di Legno. If you visit Ponte di Legno is 100% recommendable going for a walk around main square and wooden bridges over Narcanello river, covered and full of flowers.
4.5If you carry panniers and you haven't rested at Ponte di Legno, the picnic area on your right is perfect to catch your breath before Gavia horseshoe curves.
5.4This is the first horseshoe curve from a group of ten inside the woody segment in Gavia. LET'S GO!
8.7Once you've finished this horseshoe curve you begin a 4km long pseudo-straight which takes you to the snowfields typical from Gavia.
10.4The famous Gavia tunnel is more or less 500 metres long with a 9-10% slope. What does it mean? At 2300m above sea-level, with hard 15km on your legs and with such a slope percentage, 500 metres never end. Although cars well know there are plenty os cyclists on the road, a couple of front and rear lights are welcome.
11.3Lago Nero.
12.4Gavia. 2621m 17,4km 7,8% 1363m+
12.7Lago Bianco.
13.3If you climb to Gavia early in the morning, you'll probably see some marmots close to the road.
20.9Santa Caterina.
28.3Bormio. Bormio doesn't seem a bad place to spend a couple of days cycling: at the base of Stelvio, Gavia, Bormio 2000, Foscagno…
28.8Just this point is the start line for the loved and feares Stelvio. This ascent from Bormio isn't the most famous one -the other from Prato- but its tornantis and tunnels will also astonish you.
34.5If you look up you'll see a wall full of tornantis around hydroelectric station and the Bar Kiosk Nazional Park, an impressive wall but, sincerely, not so hard as it looks like.
34.8Tornantis starting! STAND UP AND DANCE ON THE PEDALS!
35.5Bar Kiosk Nazional Park.
36.6GREAT! You've reached the last tornanti.
36.9Once you've passed the tornantis is the turn to transition segment, more monotonous and easier but often with gusts.
39.6If you could turn left now, in 200 metres you would arrive to Passo Umbrail, the borderline into Switzerland. An alternative would be to ride down Umbrail and climb Stelvio from Prato.
40.1Last 3km are again really hard. Only the magical view of the hotels on top of Stelvio gives you the needed breath to reach the summit.
41.4CONGRATULATIONS! Tha last curve before the top. Take a breather and pay attention to the uniqueness of this Coppi summit, not exactly beautiful but really singular. And don't forget to take a picture of yourself close to restaurant/shelter Tibet.
41.5Stelvio. 2758m 22km 7% 1536m+
42.0Shortly you'll be able to climb these famous horsechoe curves towards Prato with iGrupetto. Be careful with classic cars which use to climb Stelvio nearly everyday. Many of them need to be pushed to reach the summit.
42.1Great! Two legendary mountains for your list. Remember that if you want to suggest any new route you can do it at
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