Sierra Nevada from Granada   
Distance:30,1 km
Elevation gain:1.888m
Elevation loss:137m
Maximum altitude:2.517 m
Minimum altitude:757m
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kmPoint of interest
1.5If you could turn left you would also ride up Sierra Nevada. By 4km you'd converge with the main road that goes to Pradollano, the ski station in Sierra Nevada.
1.6Pinos Genil.
5.0Canales dam.
9.1Güéjar Sierra.
10.7After the warm-up, just at this point the real climb to Sierra Nevada beguins. To the summit 19,2km 7,9% 1526m+. LET'S GO!
17.9If you turn right you'll cross the main road to Pradollano by 300 metres,and you'll find some roadside bars. As you are going to turn left, you won't find any water supplier until you reach Pradollano.
19.1This road you are cycling is a typical mountain pass road, with some horseshoe curves and serious slopes, totally different from the main road, even with three lanes.
19.4Another advantage. Only a few cars choose this road to go up, so you can sometimes see deers.
25.1Just at this point, this road and the one that comes from Pradollano join, so traffic increases.
25.5Sierra Nevada. This pseudo-straight put yourself at the end of the ascent. Fue to huge altitude, many prototype cars are tested along this straight road. If you come here you'll identify them because they are usually black colour and full of sensors.
27.9On your right you'll see the Centro de Alto Rendimiento de Sierra Nevada, a sport performance center where many athletes, not only cyclists, come to train at great altitude.+Info
28.7The ascent ends at the military refuge Hoya de la Mora. At this point a barrier doesn't allow cars to continue to the Veleta summit. The prohibition is not for bikes so you can continue pedalling until 3300m height, 800m more than Hoya de la Mora. Sometimes the surface is better for a mountain bike than a road bike, but if you don't afraid of "esterratos" you can try it.
29.9Just here, at Hoya de la Mora, not only you can have a drink and see Veleta summit, but also your family can rent a sled while they are waiting for you.
30.1Sierra Nevada. 2517m 19,2km 7.9% 1526m+
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