Lagos de Covadonga   
Distance:29.2 mi
Elevation gain:5.689ft
Elevation loss:2.136ft
Maximum altitude:3,701 ft
Minimum altitude:98ft
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miPoint of interest
1.9The hardest sector in Fito ascent beguins after this horseshoe curve. Fito es a short climb but with important slopes.
3.0This mountain you are riding is the last one climbed as professional by the great Miguel Indurain. It did it during 1996 edition of Vuelta España, before his retirement at Arriondas.
4.1Fito Viewpoint. 590m 7,3km 7,7% 560m+
10.3Arriondas. You can't leave Asturias without canoeing Sella river, with picnic pack included for you and your family. Don't forget to eat a "bollo preñado", a piece of bread with chorizo inside.
12.5Las Rozas.
13.8Just at this point, in front of Hotel Capitán, Miguel Indurain retired en 1996, while he was fighting for the Vuelta a España.
14.9Roman Bridge in Cangas de Onís. Unless you'll be in a a race, a stop to make the photo is mandatory.
15.1Cangas de Onís.
17.4Soto de Cangas.
19.0La Riera.
21.2Covadonga Sanctuary. From sanctuary the slope becomes harder. Here the real ascent starts.
24.2Huesera. You've reached the feared Huesera. The only choice is to stand up, dance over the pedals and suffer, suffer, suffer. CHEER UP!
25.1GREAT! Huesera finished.
25.8Queen Viewpoint / Mirador de la Reina. A little favourable segment after la Huesera and the slopes return.
28.2Enol Lake.
29.1Lagos de Covadonga. 1135m 14km 6,9% 962m+
29.1Congratulations! You only need a little weekend break to discover Lagos in real. Remember that if you want to suggest any new route you can do it at
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