Maratone dles Dolomites   
Distance:137,5 km
Elevation gain:4.174m
Elevation loss:4.075m
Maximum altitude:2.234 m
Minimum altitude:1.314m
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kmPoint of interest
1.3iGrupetto cycled over this road in 2009. It's really beautiful but not calm in terms of traffic. It changes when you take the turning on the left.
3.7In situ these villages are even more beautiful.
4.1COME ON! Starting the ascent to Passo Campolongo (1875m 5.8km 354m+ 6,1%)
4.8Some hairpin turns to warm up our muscles. Stand up!
6.2A golf pitch on your left! At 1700m and with these incomparable views!
6.7Would you like to be that cyclist just in front of you?
7.8500m with a 8% scope and after the road smooths out. Come on!
9.5Passo Campolongo. 1875m 5.8km 354m+ 6,1%
9.8For a mountain bike the path on your right looks like simply perfect.
11.5Use this descent to recover energies. Remember that after you'll find the Coppi climb par excellence.
13.4Arabba. COME ON! Starting the ascent to Passo Pordoi (2239m 9,2km 635m+ 6,9%)
14.3More cyclists to the top.
15.5Pordoi is this: a considerable and continuous scope from the base to the top, reducing your strength little by little.
16.3If you look at Wikipedia links on the front view you'll realise that Passo Fedaia -Marmolada- is only 5km far. If you have the opportunity of coming here you can't leave without climbing it from the East. An absolutely wonderful climb!
18.6Don't loose the views on your right.
19.2Some hairpin turns before the last segment of the ascent.
19.5What envy seeing that cyclist with panniers in front of us! We have also already been to this mountain, but riding up over the other side, much more wooded than this one.
20.7With Group Sella to the north and Marmolada to the south, with mountais reaching more than 300om, yoy'll probably feel small.
21.5You're reaching the top. Remember that at the top there is a monument dedicated to Fausto Coppi.You'll find it on your right, just next to the stairs towards Piz Boè, the highest peak of Group Sella.
22.6Passo Pordoi. 2239m 9,2km 635m+ 6,9%
27.7We're arriving to the end of the descent. Take a deep breath.
29.0COME ON! Starting ascent to Passo Sella (2244m 5,5km 434m+ 7,9%). If you could turn left now you would arrive Canazei, a great tourist village used by many cyclists as basecamp to explore this wonderful area.
30.9You can't pass by the huge Sella Group. Look up for a few seconds.
31.8You will also find a good number of bikers here and in the Alps.
32.5Beautiful views of Val di Fassa on your left.
33.6Sella Ronda is a paradise for cyclists, but also for skiers: more than 170km in ski tracks.
34.5Passo Sella. 2244m 5,5km 434m+ 7,9%
35.9Have you realized that we have already climbed three of the seven mountain passes? Congratulations.
39.8COME ON! Starting the ascent to Passo Gardena (2121; 5,8km 250m+ 4,3%)
40.6Let's go for the fourth mountain pass! Stand up!
41.3Gardena pass is clearly divided into three segments: hard, easy (1,5km), hard. Now we are riding the first one.
45.6Passo Gardena. 2121; 5,8km 250m+ 4,3%
46.5Let's go down again towards Campolongo. Total elevation gain can be seen in your legs, so recover energy during the descent.
54.9Fortunately this is not the last crossing through the finish line and we can enjoy ourselves with the route and its views.
55.2COME ON! Starting the ascent to Passo Campolongo (1875m 5.8km 354m+ 6,1%)
58.8Do yu think Campolongo is harder now than before?
60.6Passo Campolongo. 1875m 5.8km 354m+ 6,1%
65.5Giau pass is the next one. Use the descent and the up-and-down kilometres to the beginning to recover energies.
69.1Pure descent finished. Be careful with big chainring but if you have the strength to move it get ahead of it.
69.9In terms of distance, you've just reached the middle of the route.
74.9It's time for a long slope before starting Colle de Santa Lucia.
75.8Hopefully, one day you'll enjoy yourself in situ. You'll fall in love.
75.8If you turn left now, you will reach Falzarego/Valparola by its other slope, shortening the total distance and avoiding Giau.
76.4A 5km descent.
80.7COME ON! Starting the ascent to Colle Santa Lucia (1484m 2,3km 172m+ 7,5%). If you could turn right towards Caprile, you would climb Passo Fedaia or Marmolada, one of the hardest and most beautiful climbs in this area, with its endless straight road, its enormous dam and its hairpin bends.
82.1Mountain pass with a huge sentimental value for iGrupetto: we reached it in 2007 for the first time, when Lucia was two years old and travelled by plane to Dolomites.
82.9Colle Santa Lucia. 1484m 2,3km 172m+ 7,5%;
83.1What a great terrace for having a break while taking an energy bar! Even better for a cool beer!
85.7Have you realized about the nearly perfect rise line of the next mpuntain. Giau never goes down 7-8%.
86.7COME ON! Starting the ascent to Passo Giau (2236m 9,9km 920m+ 9,3%)
87.9Tornanti 19. Cheer up!
88.7Higher up you'll leave behind the pine forest and the road definitely opens to the mountain.
91.9Come on! The summet is just over there.
92.1Tornanti 14.
92.5It's not like Gavia tunnel but...
93.0In 2007 we couldn't enjoyed ourselves with the views: a saddle breakdown and attacks from other cyclists did't leave us enough time.
93.8Taje advantage of tornantis because they are just finishing.
96.5Passo Giau. 2236m 9,9km 920m+ 9,3%;
97.3What a wonderful pass! What percentages! What views! Have you seen the huge number of bikers and cyclists on the summit?
106.3Let's go for the last pass of Maratone! Courage!
106.6COME ON! Starting the ascent to Passo Valparola (2200m 11,8km 790m+;6,7%). If you could turn right you would arrive to Cortina d'Ampezzo. This village is another good option if you want to spend a week cycling. From Cortina you can climb the mitical Tre Cime di Lavaredo.
109.0Unfortunately iGrupetto has't riden this side of Falzarego and Valparolla. In fact we know the other sides from Pordoi and Campolongo but not this one. Sooner thar rather later...
114.0Go get them!
115.0What wonderful views!
115.81km to Falzarego. Stand up!
116.8Passo Falzarego. Less than two kilometres to reach the summet.
117.5Stand up and dance over the pedals!
118.0Passo Valparola. 2200m 11,8km 790m+;6,7%;
121.6Congratulations! This is nearly finished. Enhoy yourself while going down.
127.2Armentarola camping was one of our basecamp in 2007 when we discovered Dolomites.
132.5COME ON! The last slope of the route, short but also hard: Mür dl Giat.
133.1Mür dl Giat reached. BRAVO!
135.4Bravo! This route isn't available for anyone.
137.5Congratulations! Are you a little sad because of finishing a unique route like this one? Remember that if you want to suggest any new route you can do it at
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