Alberto Contador 2016   
Distance:194,5 km
Elevation gain:2.648m
Elevation loss:2.648m
Maximum altitude:1.613 m
Minimum altitude:923m
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kmPoint of interest
1.8Turbas Generación Monument. Four drums and three clarinets by José Luis Martínez Saiz+Info
2.7Plaza Mayor. Santa María and San Julián Cathedral+Info
3.6What about the starting of the cyclosportive? 8% slopes, pave... Now keep calm until arriving to Cuenca mountains
3.8Chapel. San Isidro Chapel and lookout
7.3What a wonderful bike lane close to Júcar river?
8.6Júcar river.
10.0Cuenca campsite.
23.8Villalba. Villalba de la Sierra
26.8Be careful with speed rate. The climb is long and you still have more than 150 kilometres ahead of you.
36.0Majadas. Alto de las Majadas. 1463m 11km 478m+ 4.4%+Info
37.8Las Majadas. +Info
42.5You have finally reached the summit. Congratulations! Now 20km ahead of you to recover energies.
50.8Be careful! Tight right-hand hairpin.
55.8Escabas river. Escabas river on your left. I'm afraid you can't see it since the trees.
59.1What a beautiful view of Escabas river! If it's sunny, riding over here next Spring will be a delicious.
63.2We get away the river and ride to Poyatos. The second long climb of the route has started. Cheer up!
64.2The hardest segment of this climb is betwwen the bottom and Poyatos. After Poyatos the road is much easier.
66.2Poyatos. Drinking fountain.
74.9Romero Gil. Alto de Romero Gil. 1401m 12km 391m+ 3,3%
81.8Santa María del Val. A new climb starts here. When we reach the summit we have overtaken the midway of the cyclosportive.
83.8End of May and snowing here? Definitely no.
86.6Laguna Seca.
111.6Cuervo river. Cuervo river spring. Don't leave Cuenca without visiting this place.+Info
146.6The road on your right returns to Las Majadas.
148.6Toba dam.
156.5Starting the final climb to Ciudad Encantada (Charming City). A final difficulty to reach the finish line. Come on!
167.1Ciudad Encantada. 1417m 11km 273m+ 2.5%. One more reason to visit Cuenca.+Info
171.1Morceguillos cave.
174.1With "homework" made, now enjoy yourself with views and road towards Cuenca. Congratulations!
186.2If you go straight instead turning right you have to climb San Isidro Chapel before finish line arrives. With more than 180km riden it's the best option.
188.2We prefer the bike lane on the other side of the river.
194.5Cuenca. After riding this indoor virtual route we're sure you'll wish to spend more time visiting Cuenca, not only one day for the cyclosportive. +Info
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