Alamillo Park   
Distance:5,5 km
Elevation gain:19m
Elevation loss:19m
Maximum altitude:11 m
Minimum altitude:5m
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kmPoint of interest
0.0The route starts at Santiponce's gate, in front of the Olympic Stadium.
0.1Unleashed dogs. The small fence on your right is for the unleashed dogs area.
0.4The name of Alamillo is probably connected to the poplar trees typical of this area. +Info
0.6Many and diverse activities are done inside the park: prehistoric workshops, ringing of birds, vapour train experiences... even water-skiing at the lake.+Info
0.9Vía anular. We leave the small paths and continue by the main ring road, used by many Sevillian to have a ride or a walk, or to practise running or skating.
1.2Parque infantil. And just in front of it, the tribute to Teacher made of bronze.
1.5The flag on the road was painted by a group of children during Andalusia's Day. The park is used by many groups to organize their own activities: agility for dogs, street markets, birthday parties...
2.0Lago Mayor. Carps, red fishes, sun fishes, ducks, turtles... are its inhabitants.+Info
2.3Perros sueltos. Again the unleashed dogs area, on your right. with agility facilities for them.+Info
2.6Lago Menor.
2.8Picnic area.
3.1Flora is diverse along the route: willows, poplars, elms, pine trees, orange trees...+Info
3.6Railway station. A wonderful 5-inch train for children to have a ride on Sundays. A magic place inside a magic park.+Info
3.7Birthday parties. Tables and chairs are lent in the wooden house on your left so children can celebrate their birthday parties here.+Info
3.9Lago Mayor. You can practise cable-skiing.+Info
4.4Quixote statue. And in front of the statue, another playpen. Perhaps the biggest in the park.
4.7Cortijo del Alamillo. Tourist Office. You'll find a free paper plan to visit the park. It's a little out-dated but with useful information about flora and fauna.+Info
5.0With the huge Alamillo Bridge in front of us, we're reaching the finish line of this route. The park has recently grown towards Guadalquivir dock but we don't still have pictures of this area.
5.2Cafe. A good place to recover energies after the training.
5.4Congratulations! You got it! What a wonderful place for a midday picnic! Rent a bike and come here over the bike paths close to Guadalquivir river or inside Isla de la cartuja.
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