Central Park (New York)   
Distance:20,0 km
Elevation gain:138m
Elevation loss:148m
Maximum altitude:39 m
Minimum altitude:7m
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kmPoint of interest
0.0We start the ride from one of the accesses in the South. We'll cycle a full round loop over the same roads and paths used by New Yorker runners and cyclists.
0.1Cop Cot. One of the older structures in Central Park. Cop Cot is a favorite wedding spot for New Yorkers.+Info
0.3The Park is open to vehicle traffic only during peek hours in weekdays. Cyclists must use only the outer half of the recreation lane when the drives are open to cars.+Info
0.4Thousands of runners and cyclists come here on weekends to train themselves.
0.8Balto Statue. The piece pays homage to the famed sled dog who battled tundra conditions in Alaska and helped save the state?s children.+Info
1.0More than 50 million tourists visit New York every year, and many of them decide to have a ride along this park.
1.4Cycling is prohibited on all pedestrian paths except the marked shared paths. Cycling is prohibited on landscapes. So you have to park your bike to discover the treasures in the park.
2.1Metropolitan. The Metropolitan Museum of Art+Info
2.7After finishing the main loop we'll discover again the park riding over narrow paths. Then you'll find wonderful places like the one on your left, behind the trees...
3.3Low temperatures in Winter?
3.8A green area among so huge giants made of iron, cristal and concrete.
4.0On your left 11 baseball and softfall fields.
4.5Lasker Rink. On your right a swimming pool in Summer and an ice skating rink in Winter.
4.8Harlem Meer. At last we arrive to the opposite end of the park. Look right and see Harlem Meer, where you can practice catch-and-release fishing.
5.5 Have you noticed only counter-clockwise travel is allowed on the drives that circle the Park?
5.8When a tourist comes to New York he or she usually uses time to the greatest advantage, but there are many hideouts in Central Park that really should be seen.
6.0Glen Span Arch. Views are totally different depending on seasons.
6.8If you come here with children, you'll find a playpen on your right
7.5In Winter you can also enjoy yourself in Central Park, obviously in a different way.
8.0Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre. +Info
8.2The Lake. Jane Fonda, Barbra Streisand o Robert Redford have rowed here on a boat in films.
8.7Strawberry Fields Memorial. On your right, a living memorial to the world-famous singer, songwriter, and social activist John Lennon (1940?1980).+Info
9.3The initial round loop is nearly finished. We'll ride again the park but now using narrow paths where bikes are forbidden. An advantage of indoor cycling!
10.6Umpire Rock / Heckscher Playground. +Info
10.9Hundreds of baseball and softball games are played each season at the six fields that make up the Heckscher Ballfields.+Info
11.3Wollman Rink / Victorian Gardens. Only in Summer, live interactive shows keep both kids and parents laughing, hula-hooping, dancing and singing. Classic concessions such as cotton candy, caramel corn, and ice cream are munchies that keep the entire family fulfilled. In Winter, you'll find an ice skating rink.+Info
11.7The Pond. The Pond is one of Central Parks seven naturalistic water bodies. Despite the millions of visitors who walk by the waters edge each year, there is still a sense of solitude, particularly on the western arm bordering Hallett Nature Sanctuary. +Info
13.0Minton Tiles. Just below the bridge you are riding on.
13.4The Lake. The Lake was included in the original design of Central Park by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux.
13.6Bethesda Fountain. With the famous Angel of the Waters statue atop. Created by Emma Stebbins, it also marked the first time a woman received a public art commission in New York City.+Info
14.0Conservatory Water. This area is popular with families and children because of the famous climbing sculptures, the story-telling programs, the model boats, the cafe, and the site in the children's classic Stuart Little. +Info
14.3Alice In Wonderland Statue. The sculpture is a favorite among children, who love to climb atop it and explore its varied textures and hiding spaces. Through the years, thousands of tiny hands have literally polished parts of its patina surface smooth.+Info
14.5Glade Arch.
15.1The Ramble. To use the words of Park designer Frederick Law Olmsted, The Ramble is a 36-acre "wild garden." Central Park's designers imagined a tranquil spot where visitors could stroll, discover forest gardens rich with plantings, and meander along the paths. This truly is a place for the urban explorer to escape the city and get utterly lost in nature.+Info
15.5And this is is the appearance in Winter...
15.8And again close to softball fields.
16.3Picnic area.
16.7Reservoir. One of the Park's most picturesque landscapes, the reservoir is 40 feet deep and holds a billion gallons of water. President Bill Clinton, Madonna, and Jackie Kennedy Onassis (for whom the reservoir was named in 1994) have all run on the 1.58-mile track. +Info
18.2Unfortunately the route is nearly finished. We sincerely hope you have enjoyed yourself with it while you were training at home or gym. What about a real trip to NYC to discover Central Park?
18.5The Pool.
19.7Nutter's Battery Site. This overlook marks the site of a military fortification built during the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. With its high, rocky ground, and expansive views that still can be experienced today, it?s clear why this was an important strategic position.+Info
20.0Untermyer Fountain. +Info
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