Volta als Ports d'Andorra   
Distance:105,1 km
Elevation gain:3.223m
Elevation loss:2.246m
Maximum altitude:2.231 m
Minimum altitude:861m
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kmPoint of interest
0.3La Massana.
1.7Traffic circle. Turn right towards Aldosa
6.2Traffic circle. Turn left
6.5Dos Valires tunnel. No images available during the tunnel, less than 3km.
9.4Traffic circle. Finally outside the tunnel. Turn right.
11.8Traffic circle Km 0. The toughest stage of Vuelta a España 2015 also used these roads.
12.8Andorra V..
13.1Traffic circle. Straight on
15.2Santa Coloma.
16.3Traffic circle La Margineda.
18.5Be careful you get in!
18.6Sant Julià de Lòria.
22.1Traffic circle. Turn 180º so we leave using the same road we arrived
25.7Tourist information Office. Just here Coll de la Peguera starts: 1822m 13,8km 912m+ 6,6%. Come on!
26.7First of 15 hairpin turns.
31.5If no trees, these hairpin turns offer you wonderful views of the valley.
35.8Coll de Jovell. A short downhill before the last part of the ascent. Save energies.
39.1Peguera. Coll de la Peguera. 1822m 13,8km 912m+ 6,6%. Congratulations! You got it!
43.9Naturlandia. A 5Km toboggan and zip-lines are waiting for you, but if you don't like risks you can try manual jeeps or trampolines. 100% fun for families.+Info
47.4From this point to Sant Julià the descent is a little dangerous. Be careful!
52.0Sant Julià de Lorià. Again close to the tourist information office.
55.5Santa Coloma.
57.5Andorra La Vella. The second climb of the route starts just at this point
61.2Picnic. Are you hungry? Are you a touring cyclist? If you are then get off your bike and have a rest at the picnic area on your right.
61.7Comella. Alt de la Comella. 1345m 4,3km 346m+ 8%
62.0Be careful! Four hairpin turns!
69.1Starting the toughest slopes of Beixalís!
70.73km facing you without fronview images. What about some music to trick your legs during these huge slopes?
75.0Beixalís. 1795m 10km 686m+ 6,9%. Bravo! Third climb done!
85.0La Massana.
85.7Really curious some of the shops we're getting in today! Ja Ja Ja!
87.4Ordino. Ready for suffering to the last summit? 18km at 5% in front of you. Sure? If not get off now and return tomorrow with full energies.
90.1La Cortinada.
95.8El Serrat.
100.6Ordino-Arcalís. Ski station
101.0First of twelve tornantis. Enjoy yourself!
104.8Arcalís. La Comá d'Arcalís. 2236m 18,2km 949m+ 5,2%. What you have just done is not for everyone. Congratulations!
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