Hazallanas BIS   
Distance:11,9 km
Elevation gain:699m
Elevation loss:107m
Maximum altitude:1.678 m
Minimum altitude:1.032m
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kmPoint of interest
0.2Waterwheel. Waterwheel+Info
0.8Güéjar Sierra. Really beautiful the waterwheel and the lookout you'll find in Güéjar Sierra.
1.4Be carefull with this narrow road! Too many bends.
2.0Lookout. There's no hurry? Then take off the bike and look at mountains.
3.6Maitena. There was a train station here a long time ago. Now it's a restaurant.+Info
3.9Tunnel. Tunnels are shorts so lights are optional. They were built for a railway from Granada to this mountain area.
4.3La Estrella sidewalk. Turn right towatds El Dornajo. If you get comming here in real, turn left across the tunnel. You'll find a couple of suspension bridges.+Info
4.3Genil river. This river is the second largest in Andalusia. It is called Genil and goes from here to Palma del Río in Córdoba.
4.7Two kilometres really really hard. Come on!
4.8Hairpin bends
5.5We'll reaching the end of this straight road. Let's go!
5.8Have you seen the flowers in almond trees close to the road?It isn't clearly Winter.
6.6Casa de Espiritualidad Sierra Nevada. The old Duke's Hotel on your right. If you like kistory, clink on the link.+Info
7.3The old Duke's Hotel is a seminary since 1950. The entrance is on your right.
7.7What a beautiful mountain narrow road with nearly no cars!
8.9Great view from Tejo's ravine.
9.5We leave this secondary road and continue by the one used by La Vuelta. Come on!
9.6...and the season changes magically.
10.4 Flora also changes thanks to altitude, over 1600m. Wild pine trees appears.
10.6In front of you the final four hairpin turns to reach El Dornajo, our finish line. If you liked it, try the other route on iGrupetto to reach Sierra Nevada. Go to km 18 and arrive to the top after 10 kilometres more.
11.1If you prefer wide wheels than narrow, learn about Transnevada route: 450km for MTB around Sierra Nevada.A great adventure experience.+Info
11.7El Dornajo. Tourist information
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