Grosse Scheidegg   
Distance:25,5 km
Elevation gain:769m
Elevation loss:100m
Maximum altitude:1.243 m
Minimum altitude:568m
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kmPoint of interest
0.2Interlaken. Really surprising the huge amount of jeweller's on left side of this avenue with Japanese clercks. On your right you'll probably see some canopies touching down.
0.9We get way from Aare river that connects Brienz and Thun lakes. If you visit Interlaken don't leave without swimming inside their turquoise water.
1.2The segment without frontview is short. Soon you'll see them again.
1.8For cyclists from South who come here so many green colors around you really impress yourself. If you add twi-digit slopes, snowed mountains... the result is perfect
2.4There are plenty of services for bikes in Switzerland: bike stations, bike holders on public means of transport, bicycle lanes... but all that glitters is not gold...
2.9The cycling map of Switzerland, with local, regional and national routes, is really populated. However, many of these routes are not bicycle lanes only for bikes. Sometimes they are only painted shoulders.
3.4All these routes use to have good markers or sign posts, but only some of them are really bicycle lanes without motor vehicles, so pay attention to it if you travel with young children.
3.9We'll try to follow the route 61 track from Interlaken to Grindelwald, a regional cyclist route much better than the main route for motor vehicles. There are no front pictures along the full route but we'll try it.
4.7Wooden bridge. This wooden bridge is ideal for a selfie. Come on! Get off the bike and take yourself a picture! Just at this point the narrow and lonely road starts. Enjoy yourself!
5.1What about the road chosen to ride to Grindelwald? Quite better tna the main road?
5.3Picnic. There are less picnic areas in Switzerland than in France, so the wooden table on your right is a good place with wonderful sights of the valley to have a rest.
6.1We leave rout 61 for some kilometres not to loose front pictures. If you come here with your bike use full route 61: less cars and better sights and slopes.
6.8Look in front of you! You'll see Eiger and Mönch. Spectacle has started.
11.2Gündlischwand. Playing with river and increasing altitude.
11.6In Switzerland 35% of surface used for agriculture is for pastures. In Summer farmers fertilize and cut grass continously to get enough food for cows in Winter.+Info
12.5We leave again the main route to enjoy ourselves with the treasures and ambushes along route 61.
13.6In front of you the cylindrical packs of grass we were talking before, similar to the French Pyrenees.
14.0Tough slopes during next 2 kilometres! Come on! Dance on your pedals! What about a music video?
14.3Lütschental. In Summer when we were in Grindelwald we could see the Eiger Bike Challenge, a very famous MTB cyclosportive.+Info
15.9Look at the rack railway on your right. Although Switzerland is quite small, you can find there train nearly everywhere: 5.000km of traks, 600 tunnels and 6.000 bridges.
16.8Again at the main road and, thanks to Google StreetView, in Winter. Put on some clothes and pedal harder not to feel cold!
18.2Really route 61 uses a non-pavement path on right side of the river to arrive Grindelwald. 100% recommendable for MTB bikers.
18.6So may houses tell us we are arriving to Grindelwald.
19.8Mättenber mountain in front of you is really beautiful. You may feel little looking its 3.100m of altitude.
21.4Grindelwald. Grindelwald is a little less beautiful than La Mongie, in Tourmalet. It's a joke! If you decide continue to the top, you can buy here some foods or even Winter clothes for the descent.
22.1At iGrupetto we love suffering, so we continue riding up 3 kilometres more until front pictures dissapear.
22.4Be careful you get in!
22.7Tough slopes are again here. When we visisted Grindelwald we could see many Japanese tourists riding down on scooters (without motor).
23.2These 8% slopes are only an example of the kilometres to the top: 10km with a 10% average slope before arriving Berghotel to have a hot chocolate.
24.2Cancelara has said he feels like a mountaineer when he rides up Groose Scheidegg.
24.6Grosse Scheidegg impress every cyclist, even those with many years and climbs of experience. Slopes and Eiger mountain are the keys.
24.9Can you see the yellow bus? They are the only vehicles to the top. Their musical horns tells you they are arriving so you must yield to them.
Click on here to ride the route using your turbo trainer, stationary bike or treadmill.

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