A ride close to Chiclana beaches: Sancti-Petri and La Barrosa   
Distance:13,1 km
Elevation gain:60m
Elevation loss:88m
Maximum altitude:46 m
Minimum altitude:4m
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kmPoint of interest
0.0Hamman Sancti Petri. Arab baths to relax youself. Water, fragances, sounds and decoration typical from Al Andalus for an exclusive experience.+Info
0.2Apartahotel Ilunion Tartessus Sancti Petri. 194 apartments and 60 chalets (duplex) for people who love nature, golf and crystal clear water. For children you'll find cars, trampolines, a bouncy castle… close to the hotel.+Info
0.5Bike path. Nearly full route will be over cycle paths. First kilometres using a narrow concrete slab suitable for mountain and city bikes; after a smooth pavement path appart from the lanes for cars; and finally a wonderful bike lane next to a wooden path for walkers. Great facilities for cyclists in Sancti Petri and La Barrosa!
0.9Tecnotur. Centro Tecnológico de Turismo, Ocio y Calidad de Vida. For people with innovative ideas for tourism. What a wonderful place to work at! +Info
1.6Barceló Sancti Petri Spa Resort. The Barceló Sancti Petri Spa Resort 5* hotel is located in Novo Sancti Petri-Chiclana (Costa de la Luz), right on the long, fine sandy beach of La Barrosa, awarded the blue flag for 2015.The hotel was recognised as the Best Spa Resort in Spain at the WTA 2013 and 2014 awards (considered the Oscars of tourism), and also awarded the Best Hotel Suite in Spain 2014 for its Presidential Suite.+Info
2.0Riu Chiclana. The ClubHotel Riu Chiclana (All Inclusive) is located in the middle of Andalusia’s Costa de la Luz, next to Playa de la Barrosa beach, Chiclana. At 8km long and 60m wide, it is considered one of the best beaches in the whole of Spain. This splendid beach offers perfect conditions for the little ones as it has a moderate swell and is close to the tourist area. +Info
2.0In front of Riu hotel you'll find a sport center with tennis and paddle courts.
2.4Barrosa Beach. We take this turning on the right to enjoy with the Barrosa beach views. Barrosa beach is so big that it isn't crowded even in Summer. For sport people there is also a wooden path between the beach and the hotels to have a walk or a ride during sunset.
3.4La Estancia. If you continue straight on you will arrive to La Estancia Golf Club: a 72 Par peppered with protected areas which have been respected in the design of the course and which highlight its beauty, encouraging the player to use different strategies for each hole. The lakes and streams, as well as forming a significant part of the game, are the natural habitat for the more than 25 species of birds that accompany the player.+Info
4.0Club de Golf Novo Sancti Petri. Here you can see one of the famous golf clubs in Santi Petri. Some of the holes are in fact close to house gardens, so be careful with golf balls when you were barbecueing!+Info
4.6Meliá Sancti Petri. An authentic Andalusian palace in the Nasrid style with splendid, magical marble patios with colonnades and spectacular gardens, Arab-style fountains and well-kept plants. Numerous celebrities have stayed at the deluxe Meliá Sancti Petri, including King Juan Carlos I of Spain and the famous actors Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry.+Info
4.8Iberostar. The Iberostar Royal Andalus is a golf hotel in Chiclana and part of a resort in front of the beach of La Barrosa, in Novo Sancti Petri in Chiclana de la Frontera, Cadiz. This elegant and spacious resort has direct access to the beautiful La Barrosa beach with its 6 miles of white sand and dunes, one of the best on the Costa de la Luz. Renovated in 2006, this huge resort for couples and families with kids in Chiclana has 413 rooms with all mod cons for a perfect holiday with your partner...+Info
5.2Novo Sancti Petri Shopping Center. Restaurants, shops, pubs, supermarket, car rental… everything you need to enjoy yourself when you spend a week or two in the South of Andalusia.
5.3Hipotels. Three hotels together: Barrosa Garden, Barrosa Palace & Spa y Barrosa Park. For or five stars between the beach and the shopping center. +Info
5.9Valentín Sancti Petri Spa & Convention Center. Business or pleasure? Enjoy everything. Valentín Sancti Petri is a 4-star Spa-Hotel and conference centre located in the area of Novo Sancti Petri, integrated in a wonderful and extensive garden area that covers 6 acres next to the famous beach of La Barrosa. Equipped with magnificent facilities that include swimming pools, restaurant, health and beauty centre and sports areas, as well a being surrounded by many golf courses, the hotel offers the perfect option to enjoy the best stay on the...+Info
6.1Sol Sancti Petri Apartments. Spacious, fully equipped apartments, ideal for families, friends and couples. The great hotel nearest to city center in La Barrosa, so wonderful walks during sunsets, no car needed, more freedom for youngers, lots of restaurants, pubs and shops in five minutes...+Info
6.3Though We have nearly reached the city center, we'll take the turning on the right to arrive to a playground with a wire zip, ideal for spending one hour or even more with children.
6.7Zip wire. Here you are. A 15 or 20 metre-long wire zip loved by children. And there's also a sandy path for walkers and bikers behind it.
7.6Picnic area. A playground for children, picnic tables and lot of shade to avoid sun during midday. It's also ideal for birthday parties.
8.4Novo Sancti Petri Aparthotel. Along La Barrosa you'll find more accomodation facilities. Although they are smaller than the others in Sancti Petri, they are perfect for example for cyclist copuples who spend here a week or two to improve physical fitness. At this hotel there are ground floor apartments for cyclists who prefer to sleep with their bikes.+Info
8.6Pizzeria. On your right one of the two shopping centers in La Barrosa.Don't leave it without tasting a pizza from the pizzeria on the right-hand side.
8.8Red Cross.
8.9Seafront. Just at this point a 1-kilometre promenade in front of the beach starts. Play with the front view at iGrupetto to find the best view of the sea. In Summer there are always street vendors with sunglasses, handcrafts, t-shirts and similar things.
9.1We turn left and we are again at main street in La Barrosa.
9.2La Abeja Maya. There are lots of sweet shops in La Barrosa so we can't talk about all of them. La Abeja Maya is special because of the clothes of employees and the delicious cakes. Two recommendations: the cuña and the smoothies.
9.4We leave behind the most commercial area in La Barrosa and continue pedalling towards the harbour using the cycle path.
10.0At this traffic circle we'll turn left to approach the coast.
10.3Just at his point the 1-kilometre promenade in front of the sea finishes.
10.5Sancti Petri pine forest. The wonderful pine forest on your left hides some wooden paths towards the beach. Some of them even have belvederes ideal for sunset views and take some pictures with Sancti Petri castle.
11.0If you decide to take the sandy path on your left pay attention with turnings.There is a lot of sand and it's easy for bike to fall down.
12.1Salt flats. We're afraid that the route is finishing. We take the cycle lane again, now with a smooth pavement close to a wooden path for walkers. On your right, behind the bushes, the salt flats typical from this part of Cádiz.
12.5Sancti Petri Castle. Stop! The view from here is worthwhile. Look for Sancti Petri castle and read the wikipedia article about it. You'll find a link over the front-view at iGrupetto.
13.1Harbour. This traffic circle is the end point of the route because there are no Street Views far away. If you are a lucky cyclist who is really there, you can have a drink at the taverns next to the marina. If you are not exhausted you can also go kayaking along Sancti Petri Canal.+Info
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