Vuelta a España 2015/11: Andorra La Vella - Cortals d'Encamp   
Distance:138,4 km
Elevation gain:5.005m
Elevation loss:3.924m
Maximum altitude:2.095 m
Minimum altitude:902m
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kmPoint of interest
2.0Escaldes-Engordany. The second parish of seven in Andorra in terms of population. The descent doesn't finish here.
2.6We leave Andorra la Vella but we'll ruturn this point afterwards. In fact we'll pass over here three times. Don't forget that Andorra surface is less than 500 square kilometres (a 22Km-side square) and the route is 138Km long.
6.3Starting Collada de Beixalis (1790m 6,5km 8,7% 567m+). Come on!
8.13Km without Street View pictures. There are only two short sections along the route.
10.9Now it's the turn of 7Km descending. Don't set free your brakes because there are more than 15 hairpin turns in front of you.
11.0Front view available again.
12.7You're probably not seeing it, but on your left there is a huge quarry.
12.7Collada de Beixalis. 1790m 6,5km 8,7% 567m+
22.6La Massana. On of the seven parishes that compound Andorra. This parish is divided into seven quarts.
25.1Starting Coll d'Ordino (1980m 9,9km 7,0% 700m+). Come on!
25.1Ordino. Another parish from seven in Andorra.
29.8Beautiful sight on your right: Ordino village.
32.0On your left you'll see a picnic area, perfect to recover energies if you're travelling with rack and panniers.
34.8Several paths on your right to explore this beautiful area.
34.8Coll d'Ordino. 1980m 9,9km 7,0% 700m+
37.3After this short slope 20Km descending kilometres start. Make a decision: save energies for the following four mountain passes or forget the brakes to gain time. Anyway, be careful with hairpin turns before arriving Canillo.
43.7Canillo. The biggest parish of seven in Andorra.
44.4On your right you'llprobably see someone hung from the mountain. Vía ferrata dels Racons - Canillo is over there.
45.2On your left the mountain with Nuestra Señora de Meritxell Sanctuary, Andorran patron saint. The original sanctuary burnt some years ago and the architect Ricardo Bofill built a new one.
48.0Encamp. At the beginning of the first mountain pass again and we continue descending towards Andorra la Vella.
55.0Andorra la Vella. With 55Km on our legs we go across the start line of the route.
57.5Santa Coloma de Andorra.
59.6Just at this traffic circle you'll be pedalling again with 60Km more on your legs, after passing two mountain passes. If you are believer there is little chapel on your left. The climb starts after the tunnel.
60.8Starting Coll de la Rabassa (1818m 13,8km 6,6% 918m+). Come on!
69.0Naturlandia. A 5Km toboggan and zip-lines are waiting for you, but if you don't like risks you can try manual jeeps or trampolines. 100% fun for families.
74.1Coll de la Rabassa. 1818m 13,8km 6,6% 918m+
74.9After the ascent the descent: 10Km to recover energies before the terrible Collada de la Gallina.
78.1Be careful with 15 hairpin turns in front of you.
88.0This circle traffic seems probably familiar to you. You were here some kilometres ago. If you decide to come here to see the stage of Tour of Spain and choose the right place, you'll see the peloton several times without effort.
88.4Sant Julià de Lòria. The most western parish of seven in Andorra.
88.8Starting Collada de la Gallina (1905m 11,7km 8,5% 1003m+). Come on!
96.14Km without Street View pictures. What about a video?
100.2Front view available again.
100.8Collada de la Gallina. 1905m 11,7km 8,5% 1003m+
101.2You have won a 10Km descent!
106.1The descent becomes difficult, with several hairpin turns before arriving Bixessarri.
112.1On your left the Santa Coloma soccer field. This team is one of the eight in first Andorran division.
112.5The chapel of Pont d'Aixovall again. Perhaps now you have decided to pray!
116.8Starting Alto de la Comella (1345m 4,3km 7,9% 340m+). Come on!
120.3La Comella.
121.1Alto de la Comella. 1345m 4,3km 7,9% 340m+
129.6The last traffic circle of the route and the final climb to Cortals de Encamp.
129.7Starting Cortals d'Encamp (2095m 8,7km 9,1% 800m+). Come on!
138.4Cortals d'Encamp. 2095m 8,7km 9,1% 800m+
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