Marmotte Granfondo   
Distance:174,1 km
Elevation gain:5.201m
Elevation loss:4.118m
Maximum altitude:2.627 m
Minimum altitude:463m
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kmPoint of interest
8.4Starting Col du Glandon (1924m 24km 1152m+ 4,8%)
11.1Lac Verney. First dam towards Col du Glandon
11.3A little slope break before the real ascent
12.5When will you take a pannier escapade and an early breakfast in this picnic area?
15.5Let's go! More cyclists ahead of you!
17.4Bravo! Only 3km for the next slope break
22.1Be careful with leaving you out of breath. Next slope break is 10km far, and the initial slope is 8%
23.6Come on! You'll get them
24.7Have you seen the sky? Today we'll likely get wet
25.2In less tha 1km this great slope becomes in a huge slope. JA JA!
25.4Wonderful waterfall
25.6Let's go! More cyclists ahead of you!
26.410km to the top and less than 6km to the last slope break
26.9In the sun again
27.6A splendid view from the dam you have already heard
27.8Another summit to the bag
28.2A pair of horseshoe curves are a good chance to see the race behind you
29.9L'Eau d'Olle. Second dam towards Col du Glandon
34.6If you are awestruck by the views on your screen, imagine you on the road. When will you escape?
35.8The crossing is just in front of you. If you go straight on you reach the summit of Croix de Fer.
36.2Col du Glandon. 1924m 24km 4,8% 1152m+
36.3Some army comrades.
38.0Use the descent to recover energy. The comes Télégraphe and Galibier.
69.6There goes a pannier cyclist. Well-meaning envy.
72.0Where do you think this team-mate is going to?
72.2Two more towards Galibier
77.7This is good feed zone before the climb
78.4Starting Col du Télégraphe (1566m 12km 856m+ 7,3%)
80.3Although you likely feel strong this road is hard so, save energy. Télégraphe is only the warm-up for the legendary Galibier.
83.5If you carry panniers this picnic area seems a good choice to catch your breath
89.3On the summit you can't leave without a photo next to the flowery post
89.8Look right
90.4Col du Télégraphe. 1570m 12km 7,3% 856m+
91.9Look right
95.3Valloire. Starting Col du Galibier (2642m 18km 1245m+ 6,9%)
95.9Here a church. Perhaps you want to encommend yourself to someone before the colossus stars.
99.3There goes a sacrifice-mate.
100.4More sufferers on the road.
101.1Except for two little breaks, the current slope is the most commont during the ascent.
101.4On the road they could overtake you. Not here. JA JA JA!
102.4You can make out the grandeur of Galibier.
103.3With these slopes the kilometres never finish. But if you were there, they would be the same, dancing on the pedals from one side of the road to the other.
104.8Did you know Galibier is the second summit with more ascents in Tour de France? The first one is the "Giant" Tourmalet.
105.6At last the hillside changes!
105.8It's worth looking to your right.
106.2A good point of legendary climbs is yoy always find cyclists riding to the top whenever you come.
107.6First time Galibier was included of Tour de France was in 1911.
107.9The last segment of the ascent with eagerness!
109.2In front of you the final long "straight" that reminds me another legendary mountain pass, the Gavia in Dolomites.
111.6What envy of that cyclist!
112.7Even in July you'll find snow on top of the Galibier. Exciting for southern cyclists.
113.3Col du Galibier. 2642m 18km 6,9% 1245m+
115.1You have a 50km descent in fornt of you. Take advantage of it before the 21 most famous curves in road cycling.
117.8Reach the Galibier by Lauteret is still pending for me. Perhaps in 2015? And you?
118.5Unusual the cloud in front of you.
122.4If you haven't stopped at the summit, this place looks good. If you have a rest, you'll need a rain jacket in order not to get cold.
125.9During this long descent it's a good time to watch some videos from the top menu.
131.4Uf! At last it finished.
137.8You already know you need a red light if you come here.
141.3With such long descent and the upcoming climb you can't forget feed yourself.
147.0Lac du Chambon. Turning left after the dam you start another great col from this area with ski station included: les Deux Alpes (1652m 10km 608m+ 6,2%).
147.3What a grupetto!
148.3For at least a paair of kilometres they'll be in front of you. JA JA JA!
150.7In the middle of this tunnel, during my trip Seville-Morges (Switzerland) in 2003, my sunglasses fall. The car behind me flatened them perfectly.
152.7Less than 10Km to start the last climb. Perhaps you should take a break and relax muscles a little.
155.4La Romanche. Dam on the right-hand side
160.1Good luck at Alpe d'Huez and enjoy yourself!
160.9Bourg d'Oisans. Starting Alpe d'Huez (1845m 13km 1071m+ 8.1%). The 21 most famous hairpin bends around cycling.
161.6Bend 21.
162.3Bend 20.
162.5Bend 19.
162.7Plenty of cyclists climbing Alpe d'Huez everytime! And here there aren't many rookies
162.8Bend 18.
163.1Bend 17.
163.4Bend 16.
164.0Bend 15.
164.4Bend 14.
165.1Bend 13.
165.6Bend 12.
166.0Bend 11.
166.6Bend 10.
167.2Bend 9.
167.8Bend 8.
168.3Bend 7.
168.7Bend 6.
169.4Bend 5.
169.9Bend 4.
170.4Bend 3.
171.2Bend 2.
171.7Bend 1.
174.1Alpe d'Huez. 1845m 13km 8,1% 1071m+
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