Tour de Francia 2015/10: La Pierre-Saint-Martin   
Distance:25,4 km
Elevation gain:1.452m
Elevation loss:15m
Maximum altitude:1.762 m
Minimum altitude:325m
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kmPoint of interest
0.4Arette. Starting Col de la Pierre-Saint-Martin (1760m 25,8km 5,6% 1440m+). Come on!
7.1La Mouline. We have been increasing altitude since we left Arette. However, the real positive slopes start here. In fact, the elevation profile from official roadbook beguins here and not in Arette. Come on! Dance on your pedals!
10.2Up to this point the track is very straight. Now you'll find some hairpin turns.
11.9Plateau de Chouse. We leave the forest and arrive to a meadow. You'll probably see cows and sheeps.
12.1The hardest segment has started. Keep calm. There are still many kiometres to the summit.
16.8Last hairpin turn before starting the end of the climb.
17.8Col de Labays. If you turn left now you'll arrive to Bedous, a well-known town by Quebrantahuesos cyclists. It is the previous to Escot and the Marie Blanche.
19.4Although slope is easier than it was a couple of kilometres before, it can´t be considered as false flat to recover energies.
22.7La Pierre-Saint-Martin. If you were pro and you were taking part in Tour de France, your suffering would finish just at this point. We have chosen the finish line at the summit of Col de la La Pierre-Saint-Martin, so you have nearly 3Km more with easier slopes. Come on!
25.4La Pierre-Saint-Martin. 1760m 25,8km 5,6% 1440m+
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