Irati Xtrem   
Distance:128,2 km
Elevation gain:3.612m
Elevation loss:3.611m
Maximum altitude:1.577 m
Minimum altitude:307m
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kmPoint of interest
0.1Ochagavía. Otsagavia. IRATI XTREM start line just in front of the tourist office. Welcome to one of most spectacular tours in the Pyrenees.
0.2On your right a road to reah the heart of Irati forest: the second largest and best preserved beech and fir forest in Europe.
0.2During the cyclosportive more than 100 young cyclists lead the peloton for a couple of kilometres.
1.1Enjoy yourself with these flat kilometres. After them you will only find up and down roads, really wonderful but never flat.
1.8Ezcároz. Ezkaroze
2.090degree left handed bend to cross over a little and narrow bridge, and just then another bend to right. Be careful if you ride in a pack.
2.3The Irati Xtrem Txiki -the short cyclosportive for young riders- ends at this point. They stop here on both sides of the road to cheer up their relatives. Positive energy for upcoming kilometres.
2.5Easy kilometres have finished. Starting the first climb: Alto de Jaurrieta with 4,4 kilometres and an elevation gain of 260 metres.
2.8During the first edition of Irati Xtrem PRO, pros used to ride uphill 50 kilometres an hour!
3.3This climb is really pleasant because our energy tank is full. We arrive to the first hairpin turns.
4.2This climb was part of the 1996 edition of Tour de France, the last one for Indurain. That stage was won by Laurent Dufaux.
5.0Before reaching the top we have another five hairpin bends. Thanks to them we'll arrive to the summit easier.
6.8A. Jaurrieta. 973m 4,4km 260m+ 5,9%
6.9Short and fast descent.
7.3From this point you can take the most beautiful photo of Jaurrieta, the typical village in Navarrese Pyrenees. Wonderful.
7.9Jaurrieta. If you want to spend some days visiting Irati, in Jaurrieta you cand find interesting places to eat and sleep.
8.4Just leaving Jaurrieta next climb starts: 1031m 2,8km 108m+ 3,8%. It's quite easy.
10.4The higher we are, the clearer the landscape is, so we can make out the shapes of Pyrenees.
10.8On the summit, on your left, you'll find a road to farming purposses. We'll continue on this main road.
11.1Errremendia. 1031m 2,8km 108m+ 3,8%
11.4Very short descent before starting the next climb.
12.2The bridge over Zatoya river is the start line for Abaurreagaina (1042m 2,6km 90m+ 3,5%)… We are still warming up.
13.1Green pastures on both sides of the road: a paradise for cows.
14.6The straight before Abaurrea Alta allows us to look at right to the Pyrenees. Abaurrea Alta is the highest -and one of the coolest- village in the Navarrese Pyrenees.
14.7Abaurreagaina. 1042m 2,6km 3,5% 90m+
15.2Narrow road. Be careful!
15.6Leaving Abaurreagaina (Abaurrea Alta) the descent starts: several kilometres to enyoy ourselves.
17.8On your left, the road to arrive to Abaurrea Baja (Abaurrepea).
19.1A second access to Abaurrea Baja.
21.4Unfortunately the pure descent is finishing, and up and down road is coming.
22.6Garayoa. Arriving to Garaioa. If our water bottle is empty the drinking fountain in this village is a good option.
22.9Leaving Garaioa and descending.
25.0On your right the road to Villanueva. Be careful with the traffic island in the middle of the road.
25.4Arive. Aribe welcomes us with its bridge and two 90degree turns. Be careful if you ride in a pack.
25.6We mush to leave this main road and turn right towards Orbaizeta: a sharp and uphill bend. We have riden 25 kilometres more or less and 3 little climbs. Save energies because hardest kilometres are waiting for us.
27.1For some kilometres we'll ride close to the river, gaining altitude little by little and always due north, getting into The Pyrenees.
28.0Only 100 kilometres to finish line!
29.1Everything around us is green, absolutely green!
30.9The road continues meandering around the river.
31.8Orbaizeta. Last Navarrese village before crossing to France. Fresh water at village fountain is a good option to refill bottles.
32.3Fast descent. From this point the road narrows.
33.4From this point mobile coverage is poor. Leaving civilization and river behind us.
34.4Crossroads to Irabia dam. The official track is the right one, but if you want to avoid the Muur you can follow straight on towards The Fábrica de Armas (The Weapon Factory).
34.7The pavement changes: instead asphalt we find concrete. You can already see the Muur on your left.
35.2Up to here the Irati Xtrem han been easy. From this point things will change.
35.4Very sharp turn to left to start with the Muur: only 500 metres with 14% average slope. And with an easier segment in the middle of the Mur!
35.8Ufff! Slopes with more than 20%. Stand up and dance on your pedals!
35.9The Muur is finished! Bravo!
35.9Fast descent with a concrete pavement. Be careful!
37.0The old weapon factory and a tourist attraction. On the square Irati Xtrem places its first provisioning point. Eat an drink well. You'll need it.
37.1Road narrows again with a concrete pavement.
37.1Starting Azpegui (1042m 4km 270m+ 6,8%). Come on! There are no pictures from the ascent (for several kilometres). Why don't you review the roadmap or see some videos?
37.6The road gets into the forest, and we ride inside a green and dark tunnel. The river is again close to us.
38.3After the cattle grid asphalt returns to pavement, and also the slopes.
38.8This is really nice but also hard! Courage!
39.6With such narrow road and such hard slope, you must keep a safe distance between bicycles in order not to touch yourselves.
40.0Getting out the forest and the landscape gets wider: horses, cows, sheeps… and the road zigzags over the field.
40.4At the summit you can enjoy yourself with a 360degree line of vision. More than one reason to take yourself a selfie.
40.8Azpegi. 1042m 4km 6,8% 270m+
41.3Be careful with this sharp and downhill bend!
42.0Pay attention to this short but really hard muur.
42.3Last section before starting the real descent. Asphalt becomes concrete and the path crosses a blanket of grass where animals keep their eyes on us.
43.1After turning left asphalt returns. We get into France and a new visual spectacle appears just in front of us. If you're tired, you can get off bicycle and see the cromlech on your left.
43.7After turning right a 10 kilometres descent starts. You must be really careful: narrow road, great negative slopes, pot-holed and humidity on dark areas.
44.5Very little visibility and road narrows again.
44.7If you're tired this is an ideal place to catch your breath and enjoy yourself with views.
46.1Watch out! Three sharp bends are coming.
51.1During Irati Xtrem cyclosportive a few water taps are installed to refill bottles.
52.3For the next turn ride on your left and use biggest gear if you don't want to fall down.
52.6Starting Errozate (1273m 10km 9,7% 967m+), an important climb in The Pyrenees that doesn't let you indifferent. Cheer up!
53.5Very short landing after the initial hard slope. Take your breath. You'll need it.
53.7These hairpin bends are very hard.
54.1With less than two kilometres since the climb started we can already see the bottom of the valley really far.
54.3After getting out of the forest we can see the full climb to the summit. Do we have to reach there? No, we don't. We have to climb even more!
55.2Don't look left if you suffer vertigo.
56.1What a muur just in front of us!
58.2The bend allows us to breath, but after…
58.7Some metres landing to recover energies… if it's not windy. We are just between both sides of the mountain so wind is always hitting our faces.
59.2We have caught up with the hardest slopes of the route. Stand up and dance over your pedals!
60.060 kilometres on your legs and now you have to climb 20% slopes. Come on!
60.2The hardest section of Arrozate has finished. Congratulations!
61.3We've arrived to Collado de Artaburu. On your right Errozate. On your left the descent.
61.6At Errozate summit you'll probably find wind and fog, so you should carry some protection clothes.
62.5Errozate hasn't finished yet. Although slope is smaller, our legs notice the 10 uphill kilometres. Look right if you want to see the full climb done,
62.8Errozate. 1273m 10km 9,7% 967m+
63.1Starting the most dangerous descent along the route: very narrow road, two-digit negative slopes, very sharp bends, gravel on pavement… XTREM but spectacular.
63.7Road crosses a huge garden with no trees and a perfect grass. More or less we are at the halfway point.
66.1A short but violent gradient starts at this point. With no doubt your legs will suffer.
67.7We continue the descent. If you look up please don't distract yourself. The road can be really dangerous.
68.8The descent ends and… a new mountain pass starts: Surzai Lepoa (1140m 7,5km 4% 290m+). If you could take the turning on your right you would arrive to the heart of Irati forest.
69.0There's no truce in Irati Xtrem. Hard slopes to start with.
69.8During Irati Xtrem a provissioning point is installed in the middle of this meadow. Refuel energy is essential to reach the finish line.
70.9Very narrow and downhill bridge, so be careful.
72.3If you look left you'll see a huge green valley. If you look up you'll discover the road to Arrozate, the one you have done before. Bravo!
73.3The track joins to the road coming from Artaburu. That is an option during the Irati Xtrem if you are too delayed.
73.5We are getting into the forest again. Light gradients helps you to get the most out of Irati landscape.
76.2Surzai Lepoa. 1140m 7,5km 4% 290m+
76.5The descent is fast but the pavement is irregular. Look out!
78.150 kilometres to finish line. Come on!
78.8We are arriving to Irati Soroa, also knows as Chalet de Pedro. We are returning to civilization.
79.0During the Irati Xtrem, if you prefer to finish the cyclosportive here a bus will be waiting for you. With iGrupetto it's not necessary. Come on! The best is still upcoming!
79.4The road is growing again. Starting Bagargi (1327m 6km 5,3% 317m+), the penultimate mountain pass of Irati Xtrem.
82.1We're arriving to Chalet de Irati lake, one of the most beautiful hideouts of this route. Don't loose to look left.
83.6We get into the last section of Bagargi with a hard kilometre.
85.1Last kilometre to the summit is quite flat, son you can use it to put on a raincoat or similar.
85.1During the Irati Xtrem you'll find a provissioning point at Bagargi summit, where you should recover energies before the unmerciful Larrau.
85.9Bagargi. 1327m 6km 5,3% 317m+
86.2Bagargi descent is really dangerous because of the great negative gradient and the good visibility, so cyclists use to open brakes too much.
86.7It's worth looking left to see the full descent. This side of Bagargi is really amazing.
87.9In 2003 the Tour de France ride up Bagargi by this side, and the peloton was really suffiring in order not to pull away from the head.
92.3The road becomes narrower while we're getting into the forest.
95.1The descent finishes and Larrau starts: 1585m 15km 7,2% 1085m+. For two kilometres, until arriving Larrau village, the gradient is easy. Use them to take your breath because the individual time trial starts just there.
97.2Larrau. This is the starting point for the individual time trial during Irati Xtrem: 12 kilometres with 944m+. If you are too tired, have a rest and return to iGrupetto tomorrow.
98.3This is really hard! Come on! Stand up and dance over pedals!
99.3Are there any flatter section?
100.0Kilometre 100 with a very short landing. Use it!
100.2How hard are these bends! Cheer up!
102.6This segment looks like endless.
103.3Only 25 kilometres to the finish line. Congratulations!
104.0Collado de Erroimendi is in sight. A tremendous straight! Courage!
104.4Last slope before Erroimendi: 18%. Do you feel pain in your kidneys?
104.6This false flat allows us to breath better.
107.2The summit is in sight! Do we have to reach there?
108.7Last bend! The time trial is nearly finished! Bravo! You'll have it!
109.0Larrau. 1585m 15km 7,2% 1085m+
109.2We get into Navarra again and it's the turn for a wonderful descent.
109.6Tunnel with no lights.
109.8We have reache the south side of The Pyrenees.
110.3From this bend you can see Irati forest on your right.
111.6Another beautiful view of Irati forest.
113.2Abodi ski station. If you need to recover energies here you can find a bar.
113.5Another cattle grid during the descent. Look out!
119.9This crossroads is the end of the descent. Be careful with traffic. Fortunately, with iGrupetto the only thing that could hit you is the broomstick of your downstairs neighbour.
123.15 kilometres to reach the finish line and we continue pedalling down through the valley.
124.7Izalzu. Road gets narrow at Itzalzu. Watch out!
127.6Do you still have energy? On your right you can try Ermita de Muskilda!
128.2Finish line! Zorionak! Congratulations! Irati Xtrem is only for persistent cyclists! When are you going to take a weekend break to discover Irati forest in real? Remember that if you want to suggest any new route you can do it at
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