Loire castles   
Distance:90,1 km
Elevation gain:378m
Elevation loss:403m
Maximum altitude:133 m
Minimum altitude:55m
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kmPoint of interest
0.1Chambord is the biggest castle around Loire. It was built as hunting pavilion for the king Francisco I, who kept his royal residence at Blois and Amboise castles. You will also visit both of them along this route.
1.3Chambord is not only the castle. Dominio de Chambord, on the UNESCO World Heritage List. includes the forest around the castle: more than 5400 hectares, a hunting natural reserve, plenty of signed paths for walkers and cyclists, nesting areas for birds, etc.
2.4Le Cosson. Tributary of Loire river. Its course was changed so that it could arrive to Chambord.
3.5If you pay attention to front view, along the route you'll probably distinguish some engraved salamanders. The salamander is part of the banner of king Francisco I.
3.5Chambord castle began to be built in 1519 and in the original design Leonardo Da Vinci probably took part. One of his contributions was the great staircase. It was designed for people going up and down couldn't see each other.
4.6This ride around Chambord only uses the main paths because only at them there are enough pictures from Google Streetview. However, the chances there are many, and the paths are normally distinguished by coloured signs.
6.0If you have the opportunity of visiting Chambord, specially if you do by car, don't forget to carry your bike. Once you've visited the castle you can ride following the paths all over the forest, do a picnic or even look at birds at nesting areas.
6.9You have finished the visit to Chambord. Now you have to cycle for 16km to reach Blois and its château. LET'S GO!
14.9Finally the Loire. One of the great cycling european routes -Euroveló 6- goes parallel to Loire. Following the signs you can go from St. Nazaire on Atlantic Ocean to Black Sea.
18.1Euroveló 6 is particularly well set up in France. This route in iGrupetto needs to follow main roads in order to show Streetview pictures, but if you visit the Loire, then you can forget these roads and their cars and use only cycle lanes. Sometimes these bikeways are paved some other times not. Anyway they are always enough smooth for an hybrid bike. They also have signs and traffic lights only for cyclists. In summary. A delicious place for cycling adventurers.
21.5All this equipment for cyclists make the Loire a place crowded of complete families with panniers, trailers, tents... who use this cycle lanes to visit tha châteaus.
23.5You've reached Blois. Now you'll ride towards its historcal centre and the castle.
24.5You are riding over Jacques Gabriel bridge, built nearly 300 years ago.
24.7At the end of this avenue you can find the stairway by Denis-Papin. This person also invented the pressure cooker, so it is probably much older than you were thinking.
26.0The rose garden under this terrace and the view of Blois from here are simply spectacular.
26.1The flowerpots you are seeing are currently full of wonderful flowers.
26.3In France the label "Les villes et villages fleuris" identify those cities and towns which look after their trees, plants and flowers very well. That said, on a scale from one to four flowers Blois has exactly four. If you love flowers and visit the Loire, you can't leave without seeing the Fleury Park in Orleans.
27.2Tourist office
27.3Blois. At least, inside Blois castle. It's an advantage from iGrupetto: you needn't to get off bike and pay a ticket to sea wonderful buildings.
27.7The great magician Robert Houdin was born in Blois, so the city has a statue on this square, just in fornt of the house-museum of Magic. Far from being a boring museum about Houdin's life, the House of Magic amazes everyone when huges dragon heads and tails appear through the windows of the building.
30.1Now you'll leave from Blois towards the next castle on the route: Chaumont. You are only 18km far. LET'S GO!
47.6You are getting into Chaumount-Sur-Loire. Only some streets and you'll have reached tha castle.
50.3After riding among the English styled gardens, now you'll get into the castle over a double drawbridge.
50.4Chaumont. It's a medieval castle over a hill close to the river. Its tall tower and the other rounded towers are the most famous parts of it.
50.9Before taking the road towards the next castle, a good choise could be to take off and recover energies at this fleury garden.
52.217km to arrive Amboise Royal Château. CHEER UP!
70.0Amboise. Leonardo Da Vinci was buried inside Royal Castle in Amboise, exactly in San Huberto Capelle. However the family grave was profaned long time ago.
70.1Leonardo spent his last years inside another castle near this. It is said to be a underground passage which comunicated both castles.
72.2Only 16km to get to the last castle of the route, the spectacular Chenonceau. You need to get away from Loire river. COME ON!
76.4On your right you can find the Mini-Châteaux Val de Loire, with miniatures of many famous castles.
83.1La Charolière.
86.2Chenonceau. Catalina de Médicis gardens welcome you to the last castle of the route. Plants and flowers are prunned carefully and the result is simply wonderful.
86.4What a pleasure to ride among these trees with the castle at the end!
86.8The castle grows 60 metres over Cher river.
87.4Chenoncea was being building by a few of ladies for several decades. Each lady knew to add something from her own stamp: Catherine Briçonet built the pavilion, Diana de Poitiers the bridge over Cher river and the gardens...
88.7Ten out of ten for the gardeners who take care of this crossroad.
90.0Congratulations! You've arrived to the end of this wonderful route around Loire. Remember that if you want to suggest any new route you can do it at suggestion@igrupetto.com.
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