White villages (Andalusia)   
Distance:109,8 km
Elevation gain:2.637m
Elevation loss:2.277m
Maximum altitude:1.180 m
Minimum altitude:262m
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kmPoint of interest
0.9Starting Boyar (1079m 14,7km 5,3% 826m+). COME ON!
2.9Jardín Botánico. Although you can't see it from the road, on your left there is a botanical garden where you can find trees like the famous conifer pinsapo.
5.1If you could take the turning on your left you 'd arrive to Benamahoma, another charming white village. From Benamahoma there is also a hiking track to El Bosque following Majaceite river, perfect for a family day out.
7.0STAND UP AND DANCE ON YOUR PEDALS! Horseshoe curve with a huge gradient. Once you've finished it, look to your right to see Benamahoma village and the road behind you.
7.3You've overcome the steep slope. However next 4km are not easy: 7-8% until you leave the woody area.
7.8The only drinking fountain in all ascent is this one on your left, so if you need water this is the moment to refill the bottles.
8.4Picnic area. The picnic area on your left is perfect for a family day out: wooden tables, barbecues... and a little football pitch. In summer it's too hot, but the rest of the year many hikers and cyclists use to park here. At least three paths beguin in this picnic area.
11.5Pinsapar entrance: a hiking path where you can contemplate this beautilful conifer.
13.9Althoug you'll see a fountain on your right, there is no water for years, so you have no excuse to get down the bike to rest. LET'S GO! You'll nearly on the top.
15.5El Boyar. 1079m 14,7km 5,3% 826m+
15.6Hiking path known as El Salto del Cabrero begins here. 100% recommendable for families with children because it crosses a farm with goats where there are often puppy-goats.
18.6Grazalema. The whitest village in the Route of White Villages, and the most beautiful one. Grazalema is de perfect place to spend some days visiting the Natural Park. It also has a lot of entertainment, accommodations, restaurants. There is a cold drinking fountain at the main square, on your right.
21.1Afterwards we'll go straighton, but now we turn left towards another great climb in Sierra de Grazalema: Puerto de Las Palomas. Before beginning the descent to the base of Las Palomas, a short steep slope.
22.9If you don't feed yourself at Grazalema, you have a good chance at the drinking fountain La Ribera on your left. Five pipes with plenty of cold water.
29.8Once you've finished the descent of La Ribera, a flat profile takes you until the base of the next mountain pass.
31.2Zahara-El Gastor dam.
37.2The road on your left is an alternative way yo ride up Las Palomas. It joins the main road once you've crossed Zahara de la Sierra village.
40.4Starting Las Palomas (1189m 12,3km 6,5% 785m+). CHEER UP!
41.8Zahara. Another great town from the White Village Route. Don't forget to visit the tower of the castle and the balcony at the main square.
42.8In old times, the house on your right was an oil mill. Here the slope is important so you'll probable need to dance on the pedals. COME ON! STAND UP!
46.0A little favourable segment where to catch your breath and fill up bottles. It's difficult to see the fountain from the road, but it is just next to the entrance to Garganta Verde.
46.6This is the last advantageous segment, so save energy and don't use the outer chainring.
47.6From the viewpoint on your right there are formidable views of Llanos del Rabel and Garganta Verde, a hiking route and a canyon respectively.
48.5In Stelvio when you finish the tunnels you discover the tornantis. Obviously Las Palomas isn't the Stelvio, but once you finished this bend you discover the hardest segment in all the ascent. It is known as El Calvario, and here the agony is sure for everyone. If you look up you'll see the full road to the summit and a terrible horseshoe curve. COME ON! JUST A FEW KILOMETRES TO THE TOP!
50.1And the horseshoe curve arrived. STAND UP AGAIN!
51.4If your heart and lungs allow you to look right it deserves. Some of the conifers on your right are pinsapos.
52.8Las Palomas. 1189m 12,3km 6,5% 785m+
56.0You already passed this crossroad before when you 're descending El Boyar.
56.0If you turn left you'll climb Puerto de Las Palomas directly (3km 6,5%) and not crossing Grazalema village.
56.7Fortunately you are riding down. In the opposite direction the slope are terrible. In 2014, during La Vuelta, I could see the great Vasil Kirienka suffering from one side of the road to the other one.
57.1Grazalema. The route is long so it's a good moment to recover energies. Stop at the Church square, next to the drinking fountain. Walk towards the balcony and buy a couple of cakes at Confitería Artesanal Vázquez. Tasting one of this cakes sat dawn on a bench close to the Grazalema balcony is priceless.
59.1Picnic area.
62.7Los Alamillos. 822m 1,5km 4,5% 68m+. Once you have reached the top of this little hill, an advantageous road beguins to Benaocaz, with some short slopes. If you are using the outer chainring you'll probably to stand up on them.
66.1There are plenty of hiking paths all over the Natural Park of Grazalema. Tracks like Campobucle, Llanos del Campo or the Sima del Republicano are the perfect complement to spend a week with family, friends and bikes. These summits are quite smaller than the Pyrenean cols, but tha views remember me the Pyrenean cirques.
71.4Villaluenga del Rosario. In the whole world there aren't many cheeses as delicious as Payoyo cheese, made in this village. Its name comes from the payoya goat typical of this area.
75.8You won't see it unless you stop and look at your left, but just there you can find the remains of a Roman consular road to Ubrique town. Part of the 5km of it has been recently restored.
78.96km riding down towards Ubrique. Use it yo recover energies. Once you have crossed Ubrique the last climb of the route will appear, known as Mojón de la Víbora.
85.1Ubrique. Ubrique is worlwide known thanks to its leather industry. The quality of the artisans of leather allow them to work for the best brands all over the world.
89.5COME ON! Starting the last climb of the route. Shorter than Boyar or Palomas, the average slope is not easy at all: Puerto del Mojón de la Víbora (595m 6,3km 6,3% 404m+).
90.1These roads are often used by cyclists for training. The number of cyclists in towns like Ronda or Ubrique are huge, and their clubs organize important cyclosportives. The best example is La Sufrida, with 196km and 5100m+ for 2014 edition. +Info
94.0Ubrique. 595m 6,3km 6,3% 404m+
95.5Finished the ascent, only 12km up-and-down separate you and the end line at Cortes de la Frontera.
109.3Cortes de la Frontera.
109.8Congratulations! Have you enjoyed yourself with our White Villages? Remember that if you want to suggest any new route you can do it at suggestion@igrupetto.com.
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