Distance:197,5 km
Elevation gain:3.711m
Elevation loss:3.712m
Maximum altitude:1.794 m
Minimum altitude:325m
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kmPoint of interest
6.0You are already at the motorway to Jaca, so it's moment of riding on the rivet. Be careful with massive falls.
15.9Good road surface, favorable slope, fuel tank full... everyone in QH wants to progress and falls are common. In 2014 edition there were at least two huge falls in this area.
18.1With the ring road around Jaca the calm comes to Quebrantahuesos pelotons, at least for the biggest ones. The beginning of the first ascent is nearby.
25.0GO! GO! GO! Starting Somport (1640m 28km 822m+ 2,9%)
39.7Canfranc. Look to your right. Soon you'll probably see the old International Railway in Canfrac. It's an important building made of steel and crystal. To know more just click on the Wikipedia link in the upper right corner of the front view..
45.4Arriving to Candanchu you can smell somport summit.
51.6The weather at North face of Somport es colder and wetter, so a gilet or a waterproof jacket in the pocket is totally recommendable.
92.0The dreaded moment arrived: the last 4km of Marie Blanque ascent. Courage and patience. STAND UP AND DANCE ON THE PEDALS!
97.1Marie Blanque.
99.1Be careful with the last bends before Plateau de Bénou
100.5Plateau de Bénou is a feed zone during the cyclosportif Quebrantahuesos. It is also a wonderful place to spend a day out with the family: hiking, ponnies rental, picnic area...
103.7You are descending fast so you won't probably see it, but on your left there is a little chapel and next to it a clear water stream. On your right there is also a picnic area with some wooden tables. In summary, an idylic place.
108.6Once you have finished the descent of Marie Blanque, you'll find a flat and smooth road until Laruns, the most important village in this area.
112.0Although the road you are riding is the main road from Arudy to Laruns, and the one used by Quebrantahuesos sportif, on the other side of Ossau river you can find the D240: calmer and much more beautiful. If you decide to follow this road until Louvie-Juzon, you can take D35 to change valley and climb Soulor along its face less known.
116.1If you could turn left now, you would arrive to Béost. From Béost it's possible to climb Col d'Aubisque avoiding the crowded first kilometres until Eaux-Bonnes. It 's a narrow road, barely any traffic at all, crossing Assouste.
116.4Laruns. In spite of smaller tourist offer than Luz St. Sauveur or Sant Lary Soulan, Laruns is a good basecamp to climb important passes: Portalet, Aubisque, Soulor from Arbéost, Marie Blanque through Plateau de Bénou...
119.3LET'S GO! Starting Portalet (1794m 29km 1279m+ 4,5%). Turning left you beguin another legendary mountain in Tour de France: Aubisque crossing Eaux Bonnes.
123.2Les Eaux Chaudes.
132.1if you could turn right now, you would arrive to Bious-Artigues lake: a tourist attraction for hikers, perfect for a family day out.
134.4Can you see the bear footprints over the dam?
135.7Looking to the left, on the other side of the lake, Fabrèges is waiting for you. Here you can get in a funicular to reach the ski station and the Petit Train d'Artouste. The destination of this little uncovered train is Artouste lake (1997m) and surprises adults and children: amazing views, narrowest tunnels, manual track change, route in front of 3000m mountains...
157.6Lanuza dam
159.8Escarrilla tunnel
166.9Búbal dam
167.6COME ON! Hoz de Jaca starts (1272m 2,3km 183m+ 8%). This ascent is only two kilometres long but they are really hard. You also have more than 160km on your legs and you have probably used a large gear ratio going down Pourtalet. So be careful with cramps!
169.7Hoz de Jaca. 1272m 2,3km 183m+ 8%
179.0Biescas. Turning to the left you climb to Cotefablo through Gavín. The slope of this ascent isn't very hard, so it's a good option for the previous day of Quebrantahuesos cyclosportif.
191.1Some year ago Quebrantahuesos used to finish at Sepes industrial estate, one or two kilometres from this point. In 2013 that changed. Now you have to do five or six kilometres with some slopes: terrible for cyclists with 200km on their legs. But the finish line is near, and the excitement huge.
197.4Absolutely great! Gold, silver or bronze but in the end a QH. Remember that if you want to suggest any new route you can do it at suggestion@igrupetto.com.
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